Cathy L. Webb

Empowerment Author,  Speaker, & Consultant

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Founded in September 2016, YOU, Unlimited is a professional speaking and consulting organization created with a dual purpose; to empower, enlighten, and support Queens on their personal journey of self-discovery and to assist those with a passion for sharing their message to become a published author. Through this partnership, Queens learn to adore and confidently expose their naturally beautiful selves to the world. When she knows and accepts herself as she was created, Woman is in a stronger position to inspire and empower others to do the same. This bond of Sisterhood is real, permanent, and unbreakable.

Each part of the company’s name has a special meaning:

YOU is capitalized as Woman is a bold, powerful, and confident creature shouting to the world  “I AM HERE.”
comma represents her need to pause and re-access her power without ever ceasing to own it!
highlights the endless potential that lies within her soul!

As a result of partnering with
The Confidence Queen and YOU, Unlimited, you will begin to

  • unconditionally know, accept, and own who you are
  • find and use your unique voice to express who you are 
  • witness your power and confidence in every reflection
  • unashamedly allow the world to witness your inner glow 

How does that sound? 

YOU, Unlimited is ready to assist you on your journey!

Are you ready?  Complete the form below and we will connect with you soon!