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Are you living life at your fullest potential?

Are identity and self-esteem issues causing you to avoid the mirror?

Do you desire guidance to remove any obstacles keeping you from living a life of passion and purpose?

With a focus on "Loving Yourself from Within," Author Cathy L. Webb transforms the lives of many suffering from an inferiority complex due to low self-image and self-worth. While she enhances the lives of many, her focus is on helping to rebuild adolescent females and young adult women from the inside out. She has a passion for guiding individuals towards reaching their full potential and purpose using her written works and the power of her voice. Known as The Confidence Queen, Cathy has struggled with many of the same identity and esteem issues as the audiences she uplifts. Now she inspires them to remove all obstacles keeping them from living lives filled with passion and purpose. 

Cathy's struggle with the effects of Alopecia has been a life altering journey which resulted in her embracing her natural beauty and self-worth. Her newfound outlook on self changed not only her life but defined her purpose and started her journey to empower other females to believe in their inner soul and outward reflection.

Cathy is working on several new projects. Stay tuned for more exciting news! 
In the meantime, stick around and get to know the Confidence Queen! Feel free to reach out with any questions! We look forward to connecting with you! 

When you partner with The Confidence Queen, you will begin to 

  • unconditionally know, accept, and own who you are
  • find and use your unique voice to express who you are 
  • witness your power and confidence in every reflection
  • unashamedly allow the world to witness your inner glow 

                      With that in mind, are you ready? 

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Cathy L. Webb

Empowerment Author & Speaker

"Polish Your Crown from Within"

The Confidence Queen Aims To... 

"Disrupt the female mindset of inferiority and transform it to one of royally embracing her self-worth"

Who Is The Confidence Queen?