It is in a woman's nature to take care of the needs of everyone around her. The question becomes, "who takes care of her?" The best person to care for a woman is herself. This is not selfish, but rather self-care. When life becomes hectic, she may forget how confident, beautiful, and amazing she is. Without reminders of this, she may lose herself in caring for others. A Queen's Manual provides reminders to help her adore her reflection and walk with a royal stride each day.

When you know who you are and what you are capable of, nothing can hinder you. But what if you are lost and feeling unsure of yourself? The words, thoughts, experiences, and insight in Love Your T.E.A.R.S.will guide you towards the light inside of you. First you must reach within and begin the process in yourself. When you reach into your core and flip the switch, your soul will come alive as your spirit is renewed! 

How do you know if your life is the one you want or the one someone else told you should be yours? If you know that this life is not truly yours, please stop and start! Stop allowing other people and circumstances dictate your time. Instead, start following the path you want. Yes, it is possible. You must decide what you want, who you want to share it with, and how you will make it a reality. Use Your Own Chalk reminds you that this journey is a one-way trip so enjoy it by your standards! 

Cathy L. Webb

Author and Empowerment Speaker

"Polishing Your Crown From Within"

Young girls need positive men in their lives. The first one should be their dad. When he is present, it makes a difference in how she perceives the world, interacts positively and respectfully with other males, and sets the standard for her expectations as a parent and/or wife. However, his absence leaves major holes in her life and can damage her and many areas of her adult life. How to make sense of the good and bad of his absence is the focus within the pages of Footprints of an Invisible Father. 

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