Is your life the one you truly want to live? If you know and believe there is more waiting for you, stop allowing other people and circumstances to dictate your time and start following your path. Use Your Own Chalk reminds you this journey is meant to be YOUR standard! 

The first positive male in a girl's life should be her dad. This sets the stage for how she interacts with males and defines her expectations for relationships. His absence can damage many areas of her adult life. Making sense of the good and bad of his absence is the focus of Footprints of an Invisible Father. 

I Am Royalty Book Program 

The I Am Royalty book program allows organizations to host The Confidence Queen for a presentation, panelist, emcee, workshop, or other event without an honorarium as a component of the collaboration. Instead, a minimum number of her books (50) must be purchased prior to the event. As The Confidence Queen has five books available, you can mix or match to satisfy this requirement! Click the order button above to get started. Once complete, email The Confidence Queen to schedule a time to discuss the specifics of your event. 

When you know who you are and what you are capable of, nothing can stop you. But what if you start feeling unsure of yourself? The experiences and insight in Love Your T.E.A.R.S. will guide you towards the light within to awaken your spirit! 

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The best person to care for a woman is herself. This is not selfish, but rather self-care. When life becomes hectic, she may forget how amazing she is. A Queen's Manual provides reminders to help her adore her reflection.

Cathy L. Webb

Empowerment Author & Consultant

"Go through life with your whole truth, your story, showing not hidden!"