Empower From Within

(Young Adult Females and Women)

“Flawless! Imperfect! Queen!”

Women tend to “create” who we believe society will accept. Using her activity, The M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan, Cathy explores sources of this need to conform and provides inner and external habits to block this need. By maintaining these habits, participants will be on the journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and understanding the power of loving themselves "as is," a true expression of freedom.  

“Mama Told Me…!”

Over time, mom’s actions become fused with ours. In this presentation, participants use Cathy activity, Time to R.E.S.E.T. to explore the impact of their mother’s habits on six areas of life. When they have this knowledge, they can identify the ones impacting your life positively and which ones to leave in the comfort zone on their way out.

“Why Am I Here?”

Our creation had a purpose and it is up to us to identify it. This presentation asks participants to do one major thing; check their comfort zone for anything that makes their soul smile. This is your passion! When you know your passion, you have the foundation of your purpose. You then choose the direction you will take moving forward to achieve your purpose.




Cathy L. Webb, Author & Empowerment Speaker 

At YOU, Unlimited, all topics/programsare relevant, build character and leadership skills,

reduce negative stereotypes of females, and endeavor to empower and inspire

academically, culturally, and socially while building legacy.

Each program can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific group or event.

​​​​Time to Blossom

(Teenage Young Ladies and Young Adult Females)

“Love Me Some Me!”

Understanding the causes of our self-image can help us overcome a negative perception or strengthen a positive one. In this presentation, Cathy shares her struggle with self-image. Participants walk away with a better understanding of how this impacts their actions as well as strategies they apply to see their causes of self-image as stepping stones toward developing a stronger, more positive outlook on life. 

“Stepping with a Confident Queen’s Stroll”

Your confidence is expressed in how you present yourself to the world. Your ability to exude true confidence begins when you realize how unique you are. This presentation uses Cathy’s activity, Take Your S.I.P. to take participants through a soul-searching experience where they engage three core tools to begin enjoying your Queen-hood!

“Watch My Mouth!”

Self-talk impacts our self-esteem and guide our actions. As words cannot be unspoken, you must consider the possible results before we speak. In this presentation, Cathy encourages participants to explore self-talk and its implications, both good and bad. With this information, they create ways to block negative 
thoughts before they take root