"Polish Your Crown from Within"

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Cathy L. Webb

Empowerment Author & Speaker

                                                                                 Empowering Sessions­­­­­

Uncovering Your Innate Self-Love

Understanding the importance of self-love helps us overcome a negative self-perception. From this presentation, participants have a better understanding of a relevant process to guide their personal development into the female of their destiny, from the inside out.  As a result, they have a stronger, more positive outlook on life. 

Reveal the YOU the World has Been Waiting For

Women tend to “create” who they believe society will accept. Using The M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan, Cathy explores sources of this need to conform and provides simple action steps to create boundaries to live by one’s own standards. By acting, participants begin a journey of self-discovery and -acceptance, and understanding the power of loving themselves "as is." 

5 Areas of Relationship Insight He Took with Him

A dad’s presence can bring a lot of good to his daughter’s life. In this presentation, participants use Time to R.E.S.E.T. to explore the impact of his absence on five major concepts of life. With this knowledge, they can identify how their life was impacted and where to adjust perceptions about relationships and life.  

Queens Rock Your Crown...Always!

Your confidence is expressed in how you present yourself to the world. Exuding true confidence begins when you realize and accept how unique you are. This presentation uses Cathy’s activity, Take Your S.I.P. to guide participants through a soul-searching experience that engages three core tools to help enjoy their Queen-hood!

                                                                                Empowering Workshops

Confidence is the New Black

In this workshop, participants learn the importance of self-confidence, existing roadblocks to boosting their confidence, and strategies to avoid or manage the influence of these roadblocks. Activities include identifying their level of confidence and mirror-based self-affirmations.

Is Your Vision 20/20? 

In this workshop, participants recognize their comfort zone, identify their life's purpose, the pull of the comfort zone, and the impact of the comfort zone on the actualization of their vision. Activities include identifying their habits and vision and a PowerPoint overview on preparing for and living that vision.  

* All topics/programs/workshops are relevant, build character and leadership skills, reduce negative stereotypes of females, and endeavor to empower and inspire academically, culturally, and socially while building legacy. Each can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific group or event.*




Client ​​Testimonials

"Cathy Webb's mission is to motivate young women to strive to be self-motivated and confident. She seeks to bring women together through different exercises and workshops. Cathy also demonstrates a strong level of compassion towards her community as she spends countless hours striving to make a difference. She has a bright spirit, positive attitude, and a powerful message bound to motivate young college women."
Iyanna Burton, President, National Council of Negro Women, Valdosta State Univ., Valdosta, GA

"Cathy presented her program, A Queen’s Stroll: Maintaining a Style of Confidence, to the high school and college women involved with our organization. With her genuine and compassionate speaking, Cathy was able to relate to the young women of our organization. Our members were engaged in Cathy’s program and were inspired by her story. They left with a greater understanding of confidence and the importance of self-expression."
Sydney McCall, President, I Am Enough: Mind, Body, and Soul, University of GA, Athens, GA

"Cathy is a powerful author, speaker and trainer. If you are looking for someone to WOW your audience, Cathy is a great choice!"
Jessica McSheck Houston, PhD, LMSW; Success Coach & Empowerment Speaker, Macon, GA 

"Cathy's ability to connect with my youth ministry group was amazing! They are looking forward to learning more of her story and sharing their own."
Reggie Anderson, Youth Pastor, MERGE Youth Ministry, Voices of Faith Ministries, Stone Mountain, GA

“Cathy has proven to be a capable and competent speaker and leader! She grabs the attention of her audience and captivates them with her presence.” 
Greg Palmer, Former DTM, Not By Bread Alone (NBBA) Toastmasters, Atlanta, GA